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Why choose Embroidery?

Embroidery is the best method to decorate certain garments such as hats, outerwear and heavy fleece (some fabrics don’t lend themselves to screen printing).


Embroidery is a long lasting, highly detailed decoration style – and it gives your logo a 3D ‘pop’. Certain types of embroidery work better on certain materials, so check with us when you’re beginning your project.

Patches on Jeans

It's Flexible.

You may think if you use custom embroidery, you’ll be restricted to certain types of material. This isn’t true at all. When you are using custom embroidery, you can choose between cotton, denim, track jackets, fleece sweatshirts and even aprons or hats.


Threads are woven directly into the fabric, which ensures your logo continues looking its best for years to come! Embroidery has proven to stand the test of time for quality and effect, no matter the amount of wear and tear.

It looks professional

Logos look great when custom embroidered, and the quality of the embroidery will raise the bar on your employee’s uniforms. It just looks classy to have that personalized embroidery on the shirts.

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